Jun 2024
Seeking Shelter by Pastor Scott

Seeking Shelter – take refuge in His strong arms Take some time to read this beautiful song of David as he cried out to God for rescue and strength. Symbols of Strength – running for cover! Have you ever had to run for cover or seek shelter from a literal storm? What about emotional,......

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June 20, 2024


It’s a miracle really, this plan of God’s. The plan to share His love with us…weak human vessels. Not that He created us weak and incompetent–His creation is always strong and powerful. It’s just that...

Happy Father's Day
June 13, 2024

Happy Father’s Day

What word or words do you think of when you think of your dad? I have two – stressed and laughing, seemingly contradictory – but true. He was stressed, but he loved jokes – telling...

Stop & Speak
May 10, 2024

Stop & Speak

“I see you Kylie” It was moments before the start of the Indoor Big Ten 60 Meter Finals, Kylie was getting in her start position ready for the race when she heard those words break...

Happy(?) Mother's Day
May 03, 2024

Happy(?) Mother’s Day

So much pressure It seems like Mother’s Day carries a lot of pressure Pressure on the husbands to get it right Pressure on the kids to communicate it right Pressure on adoptive moms to acknowledge...

One Church Moving Forward
February 29, 2024

One Church Moving Forward

One Church Moving Forward  Mortgage Reduction Campaign We’re excited to announce the launch of our mortgage  reduction campaign, One Church Moving Forward. This campaign is a concerted effort to eliminate our outstanding mortgage balance, allowing...

February 08, 2024

Why Missions? by Gene Dahmes

Why Missions? By Gene Dahmes Traditionally Evangelical churches have had a branch of their ministry they refer to as: Missions. For those who are not familiar with such a term it may sound strange. “Missions?...