Women’s Ministries

New Women’s Bible Study
Begins October 20th, Wednesday mornings 9:30-11:30 in the Worship Center. Come join us for fellowship and an in depth study of the Book of James. James encourages believers to be obedient to the Word of God and to be doers not merely hearers. True faith is always lived out in fruitfulness.
A Faith That is Real
 Lesson One – Overview
Lesson Two – Trials and Wisdom
Lesson Three – Doers of the Word?
Lesson Four – How True Faith Behaves
Lesson Five – Real Faith
Lesson Six – The Tongue
Lesson Seven – Quarrels and Conflicts Among Believers?
Lesson Eight – Humble Yourselves
Lesson Nine – The Coming of the Lord Is at Hand
Lesson Ten – Prayer
This study is flexible for those who cannot attend every week and also regarding the individual study work.  However, I always encourage doing as much individual study as you are able because of the benefit and blessing it will bring you.
As we delve into God’s Word, we will not be disappointed but will find instruction, insight, encouragement and yes even correction. By the power of the Holy Spirit may we each be changed as He speaks to each of our hearts and grows and strengthens our faith. No matter where you are in your walk, God has something for you in James and as an added benefit, we have the blessing of the fellowship of one another as we come together in obedience to study God’s Word.


Women supporting other women in their walk with God and with others

The Women’s Ministry at LW is designed for women to connect with other women., and have opportunities for Bible Studies, growth and fellowship

There are a variety of ministries and gatherings throughout the year:

  • Bible Studies on Wednesday mornings
  • Evening Bible Studies
  • Prayer Times on Tuesday mornings
  • Lunch gatherings on Saturday afternoons
  • Book Clubs for discussion

The team of women leading the ministry are: Chris Adam, Madeline Holden, Jenni Jarvis,  Sue Wood

Service Projects: Office cleaning crews, meals & more.

Church Showers: Women’s Ministry celebrates marriage and motherhood! We host bridal showers for brides-to-be and baby showers for new mothers (first time moms or other special circumstances) among our church body. In addition, R.O.C.K. Ministry provides our church’s adoptive families with a shower.

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