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September 5 – December 19, 2023

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30PM at LivingWaters Church

Registration Fee: $75 per person or $100 per couple/family.

Register at: Jam@cityvisiontc.org – questions please call: 612-396-3091

Class taught by Rev. Dr. John A. Mayer, President of City Vision.

The Book of Genesis is, in some ways, one of the most important books in the Bible.  To properly understand the entire Bible, one must clearly understand Genesis.  In fact, the New Testament quotes from Genesis at least 165 times. Key doctrine and themes discussed in this class will be: sin, redemption, justification, the fall, evil, Israel, the promise of the Messiah, creation, and covenants.  Key stories and characters in Genesis are: Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.  The Book of Genesis also serves as the first book of the Pentateuch.  We will study the Book of Genesis verse by verse as well as using a full PowerPoint presentation.

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Bibliology: The Doctrine of the Bible

This course is expected to last for 10 weeks, from September 12 to December 5 (two weeks planned to not meet).

We will meet Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:15pm

Our study will include:

  • Revelation – what it means regarding our Bibles
  • The source of the Bible – where did it come from?
  • Inspiration – what does it mean?
  • Inerrancy – does the Bible contain errors?
  • How was Scripture recorded?
  • Is the Bible I hold in my hands the Word of God?
  • Textual criticism – friend or foe?
  • Illumination – understanding the Bible
  • Is the Bible enough – are we missing something?
  • Hermeneutics – studying the Bible

The instructor is Gene Dahmes

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Gene at gdahmes@gmail.com

There is no charge for this class; it is provided as a ministry of LivingWaters Church. The class has a syllabus, and a copy will be available for everyone in the class. If you prefer a digital copy that is available as well. There is also a textbook for the class. It is: The Moody Handbook of Theology by Paul Enns. You are not required to get this book; it is recommended for your benefit as an excellent source for information now and in the future.