“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witness in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” Acts 1:8
• To reach (evangelism)
• To train (discipleship)
• To cross ethnic, economic, cultural barriers of the unreached
• To care for the physical needs of people from every background and nation with the Gospel
The Missions team exists to promote the mission ministries of LivingWaters church; to reach. train, cross ethnic, economic, cultural barriers of the un-reached and to care for the physical needs of people from every background and nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Upcoming Mission Team Events

Paul & Emily Carlberg with Lifesong

After prayerfully considering the Lord’s call on their life, Paul, Emily, Mannie, Macie, Codyanne & Sirus are planning to move overseas to serve God in Africa. We will live and serve in Mwanza Tanzania at TCRC (Tanzania Children’s Rescue Center).

God willing, and with your help as partners in this ministry, we hope to move in January of 2021.

Click here to go to their website: Path To Mwanza

Ben & Mari Bonnett with Children's Shelter of Cebu

Ben is the Education Director at the Cebu School. Ben and Mari have spent many years in Cebu working with the shelter and school. The Bridge program has recently been launched. The Bridge program teaches the older teens life skills so as they leave the shelter, they will have a promising and fulfilling future. Here is a thank you from Ben to LW: “Thanks for the love and excitement LivingWaters you have for CSC and our work here.
Helping those around us is a Biblical mandate which takes two parts: the doer and the enabler.
We are able to do great work for our kids because you have enabled us.”

Click here to go to Children’s Shelter of Cebu

Partnering in Missions With:

LivingWaters church is regionally connected with MIBC and globally with Converge Worldwide. We’re a part of a movement of churches working together to spread the Gospel regionally and around the world. MIBC focuses on the mission fields in Minnesota and Iowa. Converge focuses on connections with people from other countries who now live in our neighborhoods as well as supporting missionary work on five continents. As a fellowship of churches, we covenant to do together what we cannot do alone in reaching people for Christ in our region and in the world.
The Conference is a fellowship of churches whose theology is biblically evangelical; whose character is multi-ethnic; whose spirit is positive and affirmative; whose purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission through evangelism, discipleship and church planting; and whose people celebrate openness and freedom in the context of Christ’s lordship.
(From the BGC Identity Statement & MISC identity piece)
Funding Proposal: “Believing that Jesus has commissioned us to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matthew 28:19) livingWATERS church will designate 10% of our general offerings to be set aside as a tithe for missions.” {Proposal passed on December 14, 2003}
The Missions Team will present a budget proposal for church approval based on the giving trends of:
1. 10% of the general offerings
2. designated missions giving (personal over & above giving).

Ryan & Kristen O'Leary with: Chief / Converge

Representing Jesus to Native American & First Nations people.

Oleary Summer 2020 newsletter

Ryan and Kristen O’Leary are serving with Converge Missions to bring spiritual freedom and much needed change to Native American and First Nations people in North America. Ryan is an enrolled tribal member of the Bois Forte Band of Ojibwe in northern Minnesota. Both have been involved in Native ministry in various forms for over 15 years. They have already seen God’s hand using them to bring deeply needed spiritual realities such as faith, hope, and love to tribal people.

Ryan will nurture leaders, equip churches, and preach and teach God’s word to see freedom and change come to Native people through CHIEF ministries. His beautiful wife Kristen supports this ministry while also homeschooling their three boys. They sense God leading them to help and love this under-reached people group in North America who have some of the highest rates of social problems. They also see great potential as God raises Native people up to bring the hope found in Jesus to others around the world.

Mark Meier With: Campus Faith Clubs

Campus Faith Clubs (CFC) was birthed out of the reality that the majority of young people fall away from faith in middle school and high school as they go off to college. The numbers are staggering. 8 of 10 kids will either stop attending church or disavow their faith altogether. The worst part is this happens at exactly the most inopportune time. They are growing up, life is changing and they are making life long decisions. Think about it. They’re the ones making the decisions now, not their parents. They choose friends, who they are going to hang out with on Friday and Saturday night, where they are going to school or to college and what they are going to do as a career for the rest of their lives. These are decisions with far-reaching implications. And finally, arguably the most important decision of all, they decide who they are going to spend their life with and raise kids with. But sadly, this happens through a secular lens and not a faith-based lens.

Imagine for a moment if your church lost 80% of its membership. You’d have “Defcon” 1, wouldn’t you? Every stone would be turned over to try to solve the problem. Every resource would be brought to bear. People wouldn’t stand for it. So, why is this acceptable for our youth? Where’s the sense of urgency to find a remedy? Where’s the outrage?

Enter Campus Faith Clubs! As a society, we have done a reasonably good job of teaching our children the tenets of faith, but what we haven’t done a very good job with is how to live that faith and to understand how it integrates with everyday life and decision making. With CFC, this is changing. Youth now have a vehicle that promotes faith in everyday living. They learn to normalize their faith. Students no longer have to take off their faith cap on Monday morning to put their school cap on. Instead, they can wear the faith cap 24/7 and see faith as a source of strength, an asset, and not something to be hidden or ashamed of.

School administrators also support CFC because one of the best outcomes of faith clubs is a more caring and compassionate student body. It raises the water level of kindness for everyone, regardless of faith or creed. With student loneliness, bullying and other social issues as on-going problems, kindness is always a valuable commodity.

The Timothy Initiative With: Converge

The Spirit of God has prepared many least-reached people groups to hunger for truth leading to massive numbers of new converts coming to faith in Jesus. In this unique season of harvest, urgency is required – we can’t know how long this door of opportunity will be open. As we act decisively, quickly, and wisely, we will see many of the 6615 still unreached people groups transformed by Christ, bringing us ever closer to the day Jesus longs for when “this gospel will be preached in the whole world, as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come,” Matthew 24:14.

Our Church Multiplication Strategy

Plant a church

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Partnering with The Timothy Initiative, Converge is training indigenous church planters to catalyze multiplication strategies among people groups that have never had a Christian church before. Providing an intense curriculum of Bible training with a church planting orientation, carried out with mentoring and multiplication models, we are seeing thousands of vibrant churches started among least-reached peoples. Having removed the baggage that restrains movements, many of these church planting initiatives have turned into Holy Spirit ignited church multiplication movements.

World Venture: Jeff Mooers

Jeff is a church mobilizer for WorldVenture.

International Outreach Ministries

For security reasons we are not sharing the name and region of the IOM missionary we support.  Below is more info about IOM.

International Outreach Ministries serves Associate Missionaries in 7 regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Indonesia, Islamic countries, and Latin America. The 23 countries served include Cambodia, China, Columbia, Congo, Cyprus, Europe, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, North Korea, Senegal, Tibet, Uganda, and several Arabic speaking people groups and others in the Islamic world. IOM also helps coordinate multiple short-term mission trips year-round as well as youth ministry in various countries.

Dr. John Mayer: City Vision

City Vision is a Christian non-profit ministry headquartered Minneapolis, MN with the purpose of strategically mobilizing, equipping, and serving the Church for Kingdom Building.  They have branch offices in several U.S. Cities and we serve as a model for other cities in reaching their own cities.

City Vision Identifies ethnic, religious, and cultural trends as well as ministry opportunities and then Connects the Church to those needs, trends, and opportunities through partnerships, events, and education. They have created a safe evangelically neutral place to form partnerships and conduct city reaching/citywide projects/events.  City Vision has a strong cross-cultural, Glocal (Global + Local = Glocal) emphasis.

World Venture: Unnamed Missionary

We support another missionary with WorldVenture that for security reasons we can not share their name or the region they serve in.

Mark and Sue Anderson with Spoken Worldwide

Mark began serving with Wycliffe in 2002 and has been in IT service in Texas since 2004. Recently, Mark felt God calling him to move from Wicliffe to join a ministry called T4 Global.  A number of T4 Global’s projects have been done in partnership with Wycliffe; therefore, they view this change as a continuation of the ministry they began when they joined Wycliffe. Mark is serving as Director of Support Systems for T4 Global. Most missiologists agree 60-70 percent of the world’s population does not read. These people are considered “oral learners”. T4 Global uses the spoken word to communicate Biblical principles and community development information.

Dalton & Rachel Moore

Dalton & Rachel Moore with Overland Missions in Zambia