Seeking Shelter by Pastor Scott

Seeking Shelter by Pastor Scott

Seeking Shelter – take refuge in His strong arms

Take some time to read this beautiful song of David as he cried out to God for rescue and strength.

Symbols of Strength – running for cover!

Have you ever had to run for cover or seek shelter from a literal storm?

What about emotional, physical or spiritual trials or turmoil?
Where do you run for safety & strength when pursued by enemies?

David was battling physical and spiritual battles when he cried out to God for help; the LORD heard His cry and rescued him with His strong arm & righteous right hand, covering him with powerful wings of protection. Where was/is your favorite hiding place?

God proved to be David’s Rock Strong Tower, so he wrote a song of testimony!

The historical account of this rescue can be found throughout 1 Samuel with his praise recorded in 2 Samuel 22; this poetic song of testimony by David was given to the music director for communal worship being recorded again in Psalm 18.

Names of the LORD: Rock El Sali Psalm 18 & Strong Tower in Proverbs 18

El SaliHebrew meaning: the Lord my strength or God, my rock

The Name of the LORD gives reference to the attributes, character & descriptions of God’s divine traits using human terms. There are at least seven physical descriptions of God’s strength in Psalm 18. [Seek and ye shall find.]

Here is an overview [object is God’s strength]:

  1. Song of devotion (18:1): David declares his fervent love for God.

                    I love You [fervently/devotedly], O LORD, my strength. Amplified version

  1. Salvation declared (18:2-6): David thanks God for hearing prayers, saving him from the pursuit/hands of enemies.
  2. Strength to deliver (18:7-19): David declares God’s power with dramatic images of rescue: earthquakes, storms, fire, wind, rain, hail, lightning & thunder of the LORD Most High!
  3. Security defense (18:20-27): David confesses that his prayers were answered as he walked in God’s ways, in purity & humility.
    God helps those devoted to Him; God opposes all rebellious pride.
  4. Shield (18:28-36): David’s confidence in God’s help & provision as his buckler/shield.
  5. Savior (18:37-50): David conquered enemies, expanded the kingdom, giving all the praise & glory to God!

“Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior! I will praise you among the nations, O Lord”

Read Psalm 18 (all 50 verses) looking for:
1) The amazing attributes of God; the symbols of His strength
2) The action steps of David as our example of where to run, seek and shelter in the LORD our God

“The Name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and they are safe.”Proverbs 18:10

Run: there are at least seven acts of devotion or trust in Psalm 18.
[Hint: look for “I will…” statements.]

I look to You, O LORD, my strength!
Comfort, grace, peace & rescue to you from our Father,
Pastor Scott


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