The People: Israel – Romans 9:1-6

The People: IsraelRomans 9:1-6

“Those of my own race, the people of Israel”

Introduction of Election: “to elect” or “to be chosen”

Jesus chose or “elected” His disciples –Luke 6:13

Jesus the “elect” or “Chosen One” of God –Luke 9:35

Choosing a better decision –Luke 10:42

Chosen or “elected” of God –Luke 18:7; Rom. 8:33


God’s chosen sovereign plan:

  • Sovereign people – to show God’s glory (9:1-4)

Theirs is the divine glory…

The covenant with Jacob –Genesis 28:10-15; 32:28


  • Sovereign privileges – to satisfy God’s purpose (9:4-5)

Theirs is the covenants…and the promises…

The human ancestry of Christ –Jeremiah 23:5-6


  • Steadfast promises – to sing God’s praises (9:6)

“It is not as though God’s word had failed” –Romans 9:6

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