Roar & Restore of the LORD

Joel 3

“The LORD will roar from Zion”

Two Pronouncements of God:

1. Retribution Pledges (3:1-15)

I will swiftly return on your heads what you have done

Two Causes for retribution (3:2-6)

  • Violence against God’s people, provision & plans
  • Slavery and oppression for personal pleasure

Two Verdicts of retribution (3:7-16)

  • Reckoning ~ reaping the fruit of seeds sowed
  • Reversal ~ the oppressors will be crushed

Two Valleys of retribution (3:12-14)

  • Valley of Jehoshaphat
  • Valley of Decision
2. Restoration Promises (3:1, 16-21)

When I restore the fortunes … I will pardon

The Promises of Renewal: reversal of oppression, refuge & stronghold, rivers of rejoicing, redemption (pardon)


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