Resurrection Reward – Mary Stayed

Resurrection Reward ~ “Mary Stayed” – John 20

I have seen the Lord 

Three Dedicated Pursuits

  1. Women Serving – John 20:1-2 (Mark 16:1-3; Luke 24:1)

Very early in the morning, the women

Jesus Question: Why do you look for living among the dead?


  1. Disciples Searching – John 20:3-10, 19

The disciples started out for the tomb.  Then went back…

Jesus Question: Why are you troubled? Why do doubts rise?


  1. Mary Staying – John 20:11-18

Sir, where have you laid him?

Jesus Question: Who is it you are looking for?


Conclusion – the enduring pursuit of Jesus followers

Peace & Rejoicing – John 20:19-21

Peace be with you! The disciples were overjoyed

Prayer for Peace

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