No More

former things forgotten

Isaiah 65:17-25

Three Perception Exchanges:

1. Past stumbles should be Former ~ Isaiah 43:18; 65:17

Former things not to be remembered, nor come to mind

What is your perception of the past stumbles?

Perception exchange = commit our past to yesterday

No more …

2. Past sins can be Forgiven ~ Isaiah 43:25; 65:24

I am he who blots out your sins; remembers your sins no more

What is your perception of today’s sin?

Perception Exchange = confess our sins today

No more …

3. Past struggles will be Forgotten ~ Isaiah 65:16; Rev. 21

“Past troubles will be forgotten; hidden from my eyes” v. 16

What is your perception of past & present struggles?

Perception exchange = confidence in our future

No more …

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