A Great Savior, An Ugly Story – Gene Dahmes

“A Great Savior, An Ugly Story” Gene Dahmes

Mark 9:14-29

Be amazed by the greatness of Jesus Christ. He is our great Savior and there is none like Him! There is none to compare in even the slightest way to Him. Jesus Christ is our great Savior!

The Greatness of Christ in Contrast to Others     Vs. 14-19

  1. Scribes are arguing.
  2. Disciples are discouraged.

The Greatness of Christ in Opposition to Wickedness     Vs. 20-27

  1. The wicked spirit reacted to Jesus.
  2. The father breaks down publicly.
  3. Jesus commands the wicked spirit.

The Greatness of Christ in Possession of Faith     Vs. 28-29

  1. The disciples question why they failed.
  2. The answer: faith in God.

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