A Father’s Faith

Deliverance – God turn it around – we believe; our faith is in You

“A Father’s Faith” – Luke 9:37-43

O unbelieving and perverse generation. Bring the boy to me!

Deliverance overcomes Doubt – three stages:

  1. Going for help (vv. 37-40) – declare our need

Teacher, I beg you to look…

Desperation – Where do we turn for help?

Remain in doubt, questioning or Regard the rescue of God

  1. Generation of Unbelief (v. 41) – declare our relation

O unbelieving generation…

Doubt – Where do we place our faith?

Remain in doubt, unbelief or Regard the deliverance of God

  1. Greatness of God (vv. 42-43) – declare our God

They were amazed at the greatness of God

Deliverance – Where do we base our awe?

Remain in doubt, uncertainty or Regard the greatness of God


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