Seat At The Table

Equality. Inequality. Authority. Submission. Feminism. Sexism. Classism. Racism.

It’s all there in I Corinthian’s 11.

And it’s all wrapped up in this verse:
“This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” In the same way, after supper He took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of Me.” For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes. (vs. 24-26)

All of those words at the beginning are just words when it comes under the mystery of eating and drinking in remembrance of what Jesus did for us.

For all of us.

The rich, the poor, women, men, young, old, Black, White, Asian, Latino, Native etc. etc. etc.

We’re all broken people who need Jesus. No one is more saved than another. No one is more lost than another. None of us deserve it. No one did anything to get it. We’re all sinners, we’re all saved by the blood of the only One who could rescue us.

Long hair. Bald head. Blue hair. Braids. Hats. Do-rags. Baseball caps. Big fro’s. Bare toes. Bow ties. No ties. Dresses. Jeans. Suits. Dad jeans.

Does any of that matter? Is the appearance of a person more important than the heart of a person?

I was once in a situation where I was really underdressed. I was ticked off at the communication I didn’t get. I was embarrassed and felt stupid. I kept thinking of how un-ready I was for this event instead of actually enjoying it and soaking in what was happening. I almost missed it because I felt so out of place. Eventually the importance of it, and the emotions of it, took over and I was able to experience it fully.

What’s it like for an unchurched person to walk into a church on Sunday morning. Maybe they’re not dressed right, (whatever that is) and they feel it. The stares, the looks, the lack of attention, or too much attention. They feel embarrassed and stupid. They feel un-ready to be there.

No doubt there have to be differences among you to show which of you have God’s approval.”  (I Cor. 11:19) 

Apparently the church in Corinth was having trouble with this. Feelings of superiority, of importance. Striving to show that a certain group had a corner on God’s acceptance. Paul squashes that pretty good when he tells them that their meeting together is causing more harm than good.


More harm than good. When I think about my interactions during the day – am I causing more harm or more good? Am I a picture of the world, or a picture of the love of Jesus. When I meet new people, do I give a “we’ll see” attitude, (If you measure up, if you fit in, if I fit in with you and on and on) or am I full of warmth, acceptance, showing the Love that saved me.

I want that to be my MO.

Whether you’re wearing a Brooks Brothers suit or a do-rag, or a Brooks Brothers suit with a do-rag, you are welcome. It’s the state of the heart I want to be concerned with, not the color combination.

Because we’re all equal at the foot of the cross and we all need a seat at the Table

*repost from 3/2017


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