Resurrecting Hope – the Truth sets you Free

Join us for Holy Week

Resurrecting Hope – Truth Will Set You Free

Palm Sunday: April 10 (10AM) – The Truth on Sovereignty

“We would see Jesus” – John 12:12-30


Maundy Thursday: April 14 (6PM) – The Truth on Service

“Love’s full extent” – John 13:1-17

Communion and the command to love & serve


Good Friday: April 15 (7PM) – The Truth on Suffering

“Enduring to the End” – John 19:16-30


Children’s Eggstravaganza: Saturday, April 16, (10AM) on the LivingWaters property


Resurrection Sunday: April 17 (10AM) – Truth on Set Free

“Set Free Indeed!” – John 11:25; 20:24-31


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