How are the dead raised?

1 Corinthians 15:35-58

“Raised imperishable … in glory … in power”

Sowing Spiritual Bodies … (15:35-41)

Three Transformations – raised in Victory

1. Raised Imperishable (15:42) ~ “The body is perishable”
  • In Adam, we are mortal and perish in our sin.
  • In Christ, we are immortal raised imperishable!
2. Raised in Glory (15:43) ~ “Sown in dishonor”
  • In Adam, we are clothed in dishonor and dust.
  • In Christ, we are clothed in righteousness raised in glory!
3. Raised in Power (15:43) ~ “Sown in weakness”
  • In Adam, we are weak and powerless.
  • In Christ, we are strong overcomers raised in power!
… in the likeness of Jesus (15:44-58)


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