Forgiveness From the Heart

Matthew 18:21-35

Forgiveness must be freely offered in sincerity, coming from the heart

Understand God’s Wisdom on Forgiveness – vs. 21-27

1. He gives clear direction regarding forgiveness

a) There is a pressing need to understand God’s expectation
b) Forgiveness is to be considered non–optional and unlimited

2. He provides a comprehensible model of forgiveness

a) The story: a king settling his accounts
b) The discovery: a servant with an astonishing debt
c) The decision: first judgment, then grace
d) The application: the disciple and God

Be Careful to Avoid Forgetting God’s Grace vs. 28-34

1. A willful problem of the heart

a) Reality: the human heart is sinful
b) Shocking truth: we do what we want to do

2. Invokes the judgment of God

a) Selfish acts of cruelty cannot be hidden
b) A lack of forgiveness will be personally confronted

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