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Worldviews Class

Taught by Dr. Jim Raymo

This class will be looking at a broad overview of a person’s worldview-we all have one whether or not we have thought about it formally. As Christians we should ask ourselves – are we being consistent with a biblical worldview in the way we think, react and respond to the world around us? We will attempt a fair and critical evaluation of dominant non-biblical worldviews with special attention given to understanding the pervading cultural influence of positions like post modernism and its influence on film and tv.

We will consider skills for identifying worldviews and how to ask appropriate questions in order to engage anyone in meaningful conversations about their worldview.
We will touch on such topics as naturalism/materialism, humanism, modernism and post-modernism, eastern monism and moralistic, therapeutic deism.

We will evaluate influences that are coming at us and our present culture through TV, movies etc, using videos and discussion.


January 13, 2019


9:00 am - 9:45 am


Ministry Center

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