We’ve been picked

We've been picked

When was the last time you were chosen for something? Remember the classic elementary gym class of picking teams (back before they realized they were destroying kid’s self worth) by lining the kids up and have the two captains pick a kid one by one to be on their team. The first ones picked were athletic or popular… the last ones, besides being humiliated, were the unwanted. How awful. I was the most athletic girl so once the athletic boys were picked I was always next. (I’m sorry to all of you that were never picked first, but it’s not my fault it’s your gym teachers fault).

Anyway – remember the angst of waiting to get picked?

The Christmas story that we read over and over again every December, is all about us being picked. What a story, what a plot! But the words pass over us and our minds start to wander because we’ve heard it and read it over and over every December. Mary on a donkey, no room at the inn, shepherds, angels – the star etc.

But really… what a story about being picked.
Who of us would willingly go back to being a baby? Totally dependent for food and comfort. The only way you get a choice about anything is by crying as loudly as you can.
And then those teen years uff-da.

Granted Jesus had never been a baby, but He certainly knew what He was getting into, what He was giving up. Still He chose to go. He chose to come to us. He chose to be present in our literal muck. He chose to be present to our sin. He chose to be dependent on human parents to provide for Him and to protect Him. And to love Him. Mary and Joseph were just as fallen and broken as the rest of us, still… God chose them to take care of Jesus. We know Jesus could have called the angels by name to come get Him, but He didn’t.
What love. What a love story.

I choose you. I choose you not in your wedding day best, but in your early morning worst. I choose to go where you are and rescue you. I choose to be born for you and to die for you.

I choose you.
Let those words sink into the depths of your soul.
He chose you.
There’s no angst of waiting to see if you will be picked for a team or waiting against the wall at the 7th grade dance.

You’ve already been picked.
All you need is an open heart.
Move towards Him, move towards His glory and let His love wash over you.
“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth” John 1:14