Spirit-Led Prayer – Jude 17-23

Live in Saving Grace – Jude

Spirit-led Prayer – Jude 17-23

But you, build yourselves up in faith…pray in the Holy Spirit”

Call to Persevere – three reminders & preparations:

1. Division will come (17-19)

Jesus said scoffers will come to divide

Three alerts of faith:

  • Alert to scoffers deception
  • Alert to selfish desires
  • Alert to split divisions

Preparation: pray to stand firm in the faith

2. Deity will conquer (20-21)

Wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ

Three steps of grace:

  • Build up in the holy faith
  • Pray in the Holy Spirit
  • Remain in the holy presence

Preparation: pray to stay in step with the Spirit

3. Duty will lead us to charity (22-23)

Be merciful to those who doubt…show mercy

Three obligations of mercy:

  • Speak compassionately to the doubting
  • Speak courageously to the danger
  • Speak cautiously to the defiant

Preparation: pray to speak and show mercy

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