Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday

Many of us have memories of Easter’s growing up – new clothes, hunting for candy before church, dinner out with family after church. Clothes candy and family seem to be a theme that I hear from people and their memories about Easter. All good things, but still kinda sad right? Jesus changes our destiny and it gets lost in the worldly stuff. When our kids were young we at least had the egg/candy hunt after church, trying to say – Jesus is first and then the candy!

What are your memories? What memories are you creating for your family now?

We are praying this weekend and the celebration of Jesus rising from the dead that we will come alive as we worship the One who has rescued us.

That we will shake off this slumbering attitude at the Greatest Event that ever happened

That we will be in AWE of The One who conquered death and evil!

I had a conversation with my grandson about the evil one and the battle that is always raging. We were having some struggles and we were talking about how satan likes it when we get mad and frustrated. He asked some deep theological questions and then my grandson said: “Oh so it’s not my fault?”

It made me laugh – through the ages we humans don’t want to own our sin – not if there is someone else to blame: The devil made me do it! Raise your hand if you remember Flip Wilson and Geraldine Jones

After more conversation he said: “But Jesus always wins!”

Jesus always wins

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the One who always wins!

We will worship through songs, testimony and the Word ~ “A Living Hope” I Peter 1:3-6

New Birth in Jesus 

New Life in Jesus

New Hope in Jesus

We will come alive with the One who Came Alive 2,000 years ago and changed our lives!


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