Living My Best Life

Is a newish phase/hashtag that describes situations that are perfect… or horrible. Could be a picture of a puppy on a counter eating some bacon as fast as he can, or a baby with her face smashed into cake. The perfect couple selfie with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop. Or a parent in the middle of cleaning up some kind of mess. It all fits under “living my best life”.

When I was in college I had a tendency to always wish for time to pass fast. “I wish it was next week and this paper was done.” “I wish it were break and I could just chill” “I wish Friday would hurry and come” I had a friend who said to me: “You’re wishing your life away!” I rarely lived my best life.

I think about that now as I often sloth through my days – doing the basics – just getting things done instead of looking for the purpose in the day.

In Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus tells a parable of the man who gave his servants the responsibility to do something with his wealth while he was gone on a long trip. A couple of them invested and worked hard to increase his wealth while one got scared and hid it away. When the man comes back from his trip and asks his servants for an accounting of what they had done with what they were given –  the 2 that increased his wealth were greeted with a “good job!” The one who did nothing got a gnashing of teeth type warning.

This parable is pretty far from what most of us live – except it’s not. Jesus has given us all something. It may not be blocks of gold, but He has given you something that He has a purpose for.

Time – talent – people – what is it? What has He given you while He is “away” and you are on this earth waiting for His return? What is it He has given you that you are ignoring or being lazy with or scared to move with?

Here are 3 point from the sermon on Sunday – it was challenging and convicting and true.

Trust – Assigned something from Him

Accountability – Answerable to Him

Service – Appointed from Him to action

You can listen HERE – it will be well worth your time!


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