How Long Is A Day (By Gene Dahmes)

How Long Is A Day (By Gene Dahmes)

How Long is a Day?

The Knowing God study group has been in existence for three years as we meet to study theology. This may sound boring or frightful to some but, it is practical and enjoyable. Theology is the study of God, so as we meet, we are coming to better know the God of the universe. Turns out He is really quite interesting.

The book of Genesis begins with a story of creation claiming God created the universe in seven days of twenty-four-hours each. Could that really be? Are we meant to understand the days of the creation week as normal solar days like we experience? A popular explanation sees the days as ages of time. They did not last twenty-four-hours, but perhaps millions of years. Some have suggested the Bible is not accurate when it comes to matters of science, therefore we could not identify these as literal, normal days. Others completely ignore and reject whatever the Bible might suggest. At best these are understood as fanciful fables that have nothing to do with historical truth. What is a Christian to believe?

The first question we will discuss in our next study will be: how did humanity come to exist? How would you answer this? In reality this is a deep question for it speaks to the purpose of our existence and whether there is an afterlife. If you would like to join with us in our study, you are most welcome. We will begin the next installment of Knowing God on Wednesday evening, October 23 at 6:45 in the Ministry Center of LivingWATERS Church. If you have any questions, please talk with Gene Dahmes.


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