Jun 2017
Where's The Sting?

It was moments after my mom’s graveside service ended. I was falling apart. Both my hands on her casket, head lowered, sobbing because I felt like I hadn’t done enough to take care of her. And where was my husband/pastor? My rock? My man to help me through? He was walking away from the......

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It Makes Me Uncomfortable When You...
May 02, 2017

It Makes Me Uncomfortable When You…

“It makes me uncomfortable when you dance” #oneoftorrionsfunniestlinesever    #dontmisssundaymornings In junior high in the mid-70’s, I was one of a group of 5 girls that were good friends. We did everything together through high school,...

Your Resurrection Story
April 20, 2017

Your Resurrection Story

I was 7 years old. “Uncle Wally” and “Aunt Alexa,” quintessential children’s Sunday school teachers, were offering the invitation to accept Jesus into my heart. They had offered this invitation and led hundreds of kids...

Many Stories - One God
April 05, 2017

Many Stories – One God

A missionary, a young guy, an army guy and a preacher walk into a bar… I mean walk into the mountains. And God was there. Halfway across the world, in mountain villages, with people who...

Seat At The Table
March 23, 2017

Seat At The Table

Equality. Inequality. Authority. Submission. Feminism. Sexism. Classism. Racism. It’s all there in I Corinthian’s 11. And it’s all wrapped up in this verse: “This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance...

Cracks In Your Wall
March 07, 2017

Cracks In Your Wall

It’s easy to forget that we are the love interest of the Father. On the flip side it’s easy to forget that we are hated by the enemy. On Sunday Paul Carlberg gave us a...

Fight On
February 25, 2017

Fight On

“Adrian!” “Yo ADRIAAAN!!” Cue trumpet.. da da dada da dadada da da Can’t you see it? Rocky all sweaty and bloody, his eyes beaten, swollen shut, nose broken… surrounded by reporters, flashing lights, microphone’s shoved...

Stop & Speak
February 15, 2017

Stop & Speak

“I see you Kylie!” It was moments before the start of the Indoor Big Ten 60 meter finals, Kylie was getting in her start position ready for the race when she heard those words break...

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